Wickerman Previews: #1 Human Don’t Be Angry

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

It is approaching that time when Podcart travels to Wickerman with friends to unleash mayhem thanks to The Solus Tent crew!

We always like to preview the artists playing the festival’s new music stage and today we start with Human Don’t Be Angry. A new chapter in the musical life of Malcolm Middleton, HDBA are undoubtedly my favourite moments that the former Arab Strap partner has created.

HDBA create a sound that is highly-listenable, accessible and a complete reinvention of previous work. Middleton has paid homage to decades of musical styles and with these memories has created a body of songs that takes the listener on a stunning journey.

‘1985’ (see video below) is a beautifully gratifying mix of analogue and digital sounds. With sampled snippets to kick off this album highlight, the tracks arrangement still makes way for more natural instrumentation.

Human Don’t Be Angry are huge in sound and brimming with nostalgia, yet so grounded. Choose them as one of your bands to close Wickerman Festival with.

Halina Rifai

For full information on Wickerman Festival please visit: http://www.thewickermanfestival.co.uk