Song of the Day: Wherehumanseat

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

When David Holmes released the album ‘Holy Pictures’ it was a significant change in my listening and soundtracked nearly an entire year of my life. Our Song of the Day is by Wherehumanseat, a song released in 2007, but it has resurrected itself on SoundCloud.

The minimalist track ‘Pale Blue Dot’ takes me back to my love affair with the aforementioned David Holmes album, yet it does not feel dated in any way.

‘Pale Blue Dot’ is instead an ethereal, future-perfect song. Put it this way, if the drugs stop working then this is what you should turn to. Its simplicity will not appeal to everyone, but its lusty textures and sensuous density will have a damn good shot at turning the haters’ opinions.

This is electronic psychedelia that really must be revisited.

Halina Rifai