United Fruit Homecoming #UFHomecoming

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

It is 5 days until we put on our first and last show for the time being. So we thought we might as well do a big one and United Fruit’s homecoming was the obvious choice.

Stereo is the venue and co-promoting are those Detour boys. Detour are organising and kicking off something that will not only be a great asset to Scottish new music, but will also see them progress quite extensively. I cannot say anything else, but it is an added bonus to the night.

So back to the important bit! The bands. First up we have Alarm Bells who we have never heard, yup we are putting on a band we have never heard. A risk is never far from Podcart’s thinking so we thought why the fuck not? They are made up of ex-Dananananakroyd members John Baillie Jnr, David Roy and Ryan McGinnes plus Ollie Cox and last but not least Paul Bannon of Lady North. Please don’t make me get you excited about that because I will have to come round and knock you about.

Next is Ice, Sea, Dead People who are loud, aggressive and incredible live. The United Fruit boys have become big fans of the boys.

Finally, United Fruit. With new material written and songs being showcased in Glasgow for the first time it really is an opportunity to see them give it full pelt. The boys are set for big things this summer and 2012 marks an important year. I don’t think we have to tell you how much we adore their music; I shall leave that to Ally McCrae.

Now we are not going to review the gig. No, you are. We would like you to tweet at the gig using the hashtag #UFHomecoming. The reviews will then be put up on the website! Additionally, if you have an Instagram account if you can use the same hashtag so we can feed these into the article too!

We want the audience to be as much a part of this as the bands. This is pretty much what Detour have organised too so it would be great for you to attend and see 3 incredible bands.

Halina Rifai

Venue: Stereo
Price: £5 on the door/ £4 in advance
Time: 8pm