Song of the Day: Part-Time Waitress

Friday, April 27th, 2012

I don’t really know how to begin this as I am still trying to lift my jaw up from the ground. Today’s Song of the Day comes from Part-Time Waitress.

Having seen the name Nick Packer and it ringing a bell, it was then realised that this is the bass player of the incredible Sparrow and the Workshop. Well, you are all in for one hell of a treat!

The track in question is ‘Dream’; it is a smorgasbord of eclecticism and will appeal to the electro fan in you, the hip hop fan, the folk and so on. It is like being able to tune into every radio station at the same time and it mixed up together in one cohesive statement.

This is music with distinctive personality and along with Django Django and Errors, Part-Time Waitress have reinterpreted music for a new generation in a way that makes you feel they have created a whole new style.

Halina Rifai