Eat A Fat Worm!

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

If you are lucky enough to be in Glasgow tomorrow night I thought it would be quite nice to plan a night to blow your tits off.

Now let me if you will. As most people know by now Take a Worm for a Walk Week have decided to call things a day. Whilst this came as a blow to many (and not the good kind) there was also the announcement of a final show at Glasgow’s Stereo.

Knowing this lot it will not be your peaceful state of affairs and they will probably rip your head off and shit down your neck, in a good way of course. All joking aside, TAWFAWW have produced an impressive catalogue of material and their most recent self-titled album was full of ferocious hooks, deafening riffs and had enough power to give you a free sex change.

Supporting on the night will be Podcart favourite Adam Stafford, I will keep this brief: do not miss him; it will make your life better. Other support includes GRNR, a new one for us and someone we are looking forward to. It costs about £6 and this show is highly recommended.

The thing is it doesn’t stop there because sandwiched into your Thursday night is the almighty Fat Goth. They are also playing the same night up at Bloc and it is free! The band is on at 11.15pm so we are told, so essentially you could fit both gigs in like a Man V Food effort.

Fat Goth are pure entertainment, frontman Fritz would scare the hair off children’s heads. Their EP Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!! was a hit with team Podcart and they are starting to spark interest south of the border. Having seen them a couple of times live they are brilliant musicians and have newly joined bass-impresario Kevin Black of Laeto fame.

Rumour also has it that the TAWFAWW aftershow is at Bloc. What are the fucking chances????

This night I shall proclaim thee…. ‘EAT A FAT WORM’!

Halina Rifai