Black Sun, Diementia and Fetal Limb Amputation – 13th Note 20/5

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Damaged eardrums were the order of the evening at 13th Note on Friday, which featured three surprisingly varied performances.

The spectacularly-named Fetal Limb Amputation warmed up the room with a range of brief but violently deranged grindcore atrocities. Minor hiccups aside, the four-piece hammered out a gleefully aggressive set that saw their vocalist’s first ever performance alongside the group – practices included.

Taking the frantic pace down several notches, Diementia then mounted the stage to pummel the audience with doomy slabs of metal groove. With an entertaining, bantering frontman and a bassist who looked like she couldn’t have been happier to be onstage, Diementia kept the mood upbeat and the sounds heavy as hell.

Finally, headliners Black Sun celebrated the upcoming release of their new album with music so dense it should have required an orchestra of metal heads. Thunderous, brutal, raging … adjectives crumbled and decayed under the gravity-defying weight of these sludge-loving fuckers.

The highlight of the night took place when Black Sun invited Fetal Limb Amputation’s vocalist back onstage, to perform the most despicably vile rendition of an AC/DC song ever played, putting Six Feet Under’s ‘Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution’ to emasculated shame. The “singer” puked out the lyrics to ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’ with such ferocity that the “dirty deeds” in question were more likely those of Fred West than the groupie-boffing exploits of an ageing rock star.

Raw, raucous and shamefully under-attended

Jonathan Butcher